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Training Sessions

Training sessions are uniquely designed to help my clients reach their personal fitness goals. Training is typically 60 minutes, but can be completed either before or after the 60 minute mark depending on the clients needs, and based off our training protocol for that individual. I offer a FREE first session consultation which can be booked under the BOOK ONLINE tab.

If you are looking to add a friend, please leave a note in your booking. 

There is a 2 person max for training sessions.

Additional person must pay $15/session.

Virtual Sessions

Online sessions operate similar to in-person sessions the only difference is they take place over Zoom, or any other video conference platform you prefer. I offer a FREE first session consultation which can be booked under the BOOK ONLINE tab.

Online sessions still need to be booked through the online booking services.

Group Classes

This class is an MMA Strength and Conditioning class, built and designed for combat athletes. We focus primarily on functional movements and functional strength which will translate to better performance. Everyone is welcome, and it is not exclusive to athletes. This is a class that will push you , help you to develop your body, and get you in incredible shape.

This class is run on Saturdays at 9am

Online Coaching

I will provide you with a workout program through an app. With online coaching, you will have 24 hour access to me for any questions you may have. I will also provide you with diet guidelines such as caloric intake, macronutrient breakdowns, and teaching you how to track your diet so that you have long lasting results. We will also introduce you to our film study.

We will have weekly check-ins so that you are always held accountable and never feel like you are alone in your journey.

To book this service, please contact me directly.

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