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Julian Carmona

Hi, my name is Julian Carmona. Sports and athletics have been an integral part of my life, growing up I played every sport I could. My passion for sports led to me being extremely inclined to train as an athlete and push myself to improve and get better 1% at a time. During my academic career I graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelors in Kinesiology with one thing in mind, studying and learning how to become the best coach and trainer possible. Through this I became a Strength and Conditioning Coach and began my own business because of my desire to be involved in athletics and training, as well as help others achieve their goals. For nearly 5 years I have helped dozens of athletes, as well as everyday people to become the best, strongest, and healthiest version of themselves. From sport performance, speed and agility training, strength and conditioning, weight loss, and injury prevention, my extensive background has allowed me to aid many people in achieving their goals.

Personal Training
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